Forest Nothing Builder tips

Before Cutter Freed you

  • Sling cutter asap.Best time of sling to cutter when he reaches castle age.
  • If you are slow player do fudal age sling after conaige reserach or castle age sling after banking research if you are fast.
  • If you are saracens civ sling cutter gold instead of wood.if your ally saracens sling wood to him and tell him to sling cutter gold.
  • If you are end position make one miltary building at your base and start upgrading when cutter says boom.(when cutter do not need more sling)

When Cutter Freed you

  • Send your lumber to the path and build lumber camp one side(enemy side)
  • Build house the other side of the path.
  • If you are middle possition make militray buildings on path,start upgrading and making army.Do not wait for space at battle field.
  • if you are end position make military buildings on path and start making army.

When Cutter Cut for attack

  • let cutter build seigewrokshop on not build your military builds on attacking path.
  • If you have enough space for build on attacking path build sides.Keep middle free to move army.



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