Why Codeignter

If You Search at Google using why codeigniter you will get lots of answer. But Here I am telling why I like Codeigniter rather than other Framework:

  1. There is no framework easier than Codeigniter to install. Just unzip the source and keep them where you want.
  2. Size of CI is very small.(zip file: 2MB. Unzip file: 7.81MB. without user guide 1.79MB and if you zip it only 666KB).
  3. I like codeigniter documentaion. It is simple,complete and easy  to understand than any other framework.
  4. CI does not load additional/extra File,code,library. So its faster.
  5. Programmer is fully free to write his code as his own style. CI says CodeIgniter encourages MVC, but does not force it on you.
    So its upto programmers how they write code.
  6. There are lots of more about library, database, Security.
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